Haute Luxxor (previously Karmah Cosmetics) review with swatches!

Hello Darlings! While it’s been a pretty crappy start to the new year for me, I’m super happy to be back here with you all and to be bringing you a pretty great review!
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*Note to readers: While the pigments and business card are labeled Karmah Cosmetics, the company has decided to revert to their original name, Haute Luxxor. This is the reason that the review won’t be referred to as Karmah Cosmetics*

Haute Luxxor was started in 2010 by Monica R. out of Grand Prairie, Tx. They carry not just pigments, but also glitter, eye primer, lip scrubs, HD powder, and makeup setting spray. They’re also in the process of creating pressed matte shades, highly pigmented lipstick, lip gloss, reformulating their lip scrub, and more. Haute Luxxor is also proud to be 100% cruelty free, talc free, made in the US of A, and majority vegan. Certain products contain carmine or beeswax but everything on the site is marked vegan or not.

I’ve marked the pigments I reviewed as vegan – (V) or non-vegan (NV). If you go to the website and locate your pigment, you can also click on Product Description and get a complete list of all ingredients in that particular pigment.



I had the chance to try out 4 pigments and chose 3 of their Intense Pigments and one Pro Matte shade, in the colors Katwalk, Flipside, Rehab, and Bittersweet. Let’s get started!
*Note: As always the swatches are on bare skin, Urban Decay original Primer Potion, and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

First we have Katwalk (V):
Katwalk is a beautiful burnt purple pigment with a pretty pinkish-lavender shift to it. Without a primer you get to see more of the sheer pink side to the shadow. Over a sticky base you’ll get a more true-to-the-jar bold color, while over a white base like Milk, you’ll get more of the lavender-silver shade. Katwalk sells for $6.00 for a full size jar.


Next we have Flipside (V):
Flipside is a primary green (that almost has a teal hue to it in person) with what look like lime green flecks. On bare skin, this is the least pigmented color out of the four, though most loose pigments are sheerer without a base. There is definitely a lot more pigmentation over both bases though you’ll get more of a shimmery color over a sticky base, whereas over a white base it tends to flatten out the color a bit and bring out more of the teal tones. Flipside sells for $6.00 for a full size jar.


Then there’s Rehab (V):
Rehab is a mustard yellow-brown with dark gold shimmers. When applied on bare skin, it actually held its own and gave off pretty good payout. Rehab over Primer Potion it was very vibrant, almost foiled looking, with more of the brown base coming through. Over a white base you’ll get more of a yellow pigment with the shimmers coming through. Out of the 4 colors I got, this shade had the most versatility and gave off the best differences between differing bases. Rehab sells for $6.00 for a full size jar.


Lastly we have Bittersweet (V):
Bittersweet is the only pigment I tried out from their Pro Matte line. While it was the only matte, it was also the most pigmented. Even over no base, you still get a perfect color with no patchiness. In my opinion, the best base was the white, Milk base as it made sure the pigment was matted perfectly, though it was also gorgeous over the sticky base as well. I’m definitely looking forward to trying this out as a transition color, and maybe mixing it up a bit with some shimmers. Bittersweet sells for $6.00 for a full size jar.

All in all I was extremely pleased with everything that I received. The prices vary slightly between colors (+ or – a dollar here and there), but it’s totally worth it. Each pigment comes in a 10g jar with 2.5g of pigment and a sealed sifter in the jar. All you have to do is peel off the seal and WHAMMO! You have pigment.

This is a brand that I highly recommend and would promote for if given the opportunity. You can see product on their website or follow them on other social media. Links are below.

Instagram: @hauteluxxor
Twitter: @hauteluxxor
Facebook: Click for Haute Luxxor
Website: http://www.hauteluxxor.com
E-mail: info@hauteluxxor.com

*Note: These products were sent to me solely for review purpose. I was not paid in any way, shape, or form. All opinions are my own and the fact I didn’t pay for these pigments had no reflection on the review itself.
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